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With the help of weForms Textarea field, a user can type and submit multiple lines of texts. To add Textarea field into the builder, go to the Add Field option. Now, just click on the Textarea field or drag and drop it into the builder to take an effect.

weForms Textarea Field Options

The Textarea field option includes the following:

  • Field Label: Add a title to the Textarea field by Field Label.
  • Meta Key: Meta Key is usually auto-generated in accordance with the Field label and you can edit it whenever you wish.
  • Help text: Often used to direct the users to the Textarea field. Users often find it easier if you add a number of Help texts. It is generally shown below the Textarea field.
  • Required: Checking the button yes will force the user to fill out the Textarea field.

Front-end preview of the weForms Textarea Field

Let’s have a look at the following screenshot that demonstrates the frontend view or how the users will see the Textarea Field:

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