What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress has continued to increase its popularity over the years. Due to this many hosts have begun creating specialized services for it, namely Managed WordPress hosting. What is Managed WordPress hosting?
Managed WordPress Hosting is where the host manages all the technical aspects of a WordPress website. This means security, performance, updates, daily backups, uptime, and scalability are handled. This often includes premium-level support for WordPress.

Pricing Considerations for Managed WordPress Hosting

The idea behind managed WordPress hosting is to offer completely hassle-free user experiences. This lets a business owner focus on running their business. Although having someone manage your site while you are running your business comes at a cost.
As with any website set up a certain infrastructure must exist. In managed WordPress’ cases, a lot of automation must be set up. Besides automation, hosts must put resources in place to build out UI and other tools. Plus, hosts must staff knowledgeable support agents to assist when issues arise.
The average starting price for Managed WordPress Hosting is around $20 to $30 per month. It can go up into the hundreds based on things like traffic, resource usage, and uptime guarantees. Even with the costs, it still may be well worth it for you.

What Does Managed WordPress Include?

Performance Setup

Hosts configure managed WordPress servers with WordPress optimization as a priority. This generally includes caching and other tools to help your site perform better.

Security Configurations

Security has become the top concern for many with a web presence. Countries all over the world and several states in the United States are creating privacy-focused laws. This means hosts are putting extra emphasis on security configurations. This can include automated security scans and even banning certain WordPress plugins.


In lockstep with security configurations, having backups of your site has become important. If your site becomes compromised, you should be able to have a way to restore it. If you don’t, you may need to rebuild from scratch. Managed WordPress hosts often set backups of your site to occur daily. They also generally offer ways to restore your site fast if it does get compromised.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Again falling under security, Managed WordPress hosts automate your site to update to the latest version of WordPress. Being on the latest version of WordPress is important. New versions don’t just offer new features, but patch security holes as well. With the standardization of managed hosts’ setups, these automated updates aren’t too risky. New updates are tested by their team for WordPress core. This testing includes many major plugins and/or themes.

Uptime Expectations

Most Managed WordPress hosts offer a 99%+ uptime guarantee. This means that, outside of user error, the server that houses your website should be working almost all the time. This includes handling traffic spikes.

High-Level WordPress Support

Even with base hosting, the best WordPress hosting providers offer tremendous support. However, Managed Hosting steps that up even higher. The support staff handling Managed WordPress sites are generally more experienced and knowledgeable. Some hosts even advertise their support team contributes to the WordPress open source project. Generally, there is no problem they can’t fix or help with. With this high level of support, you can rest assured that you have true experts taking care of your site.


Now that we have answered the question of “what is Managed WordPress hosting”, we can conclude this blog. With businesses evolving and requiring a consistent online presence, Managed WordPress should be something you consider. Knowing your website is safe while you focus on the critical areas of your business is invaluable. The price may seem steep, but it saves you a lot of time maintaining your site. And as they say, “time is money”. With all the extra time you could launch a new marketing campaign or improve your business operations.