weForms is the Contact Form Plugin You Need in 2023

When you have a person on your website and they wish to communicate with you, how can they do that on your current website? You may have a phone number for them to call, a chat box, a subscription or contact form, or a number of other ways for that person to contact your business. 

These are all great ways to provide a contact method for your visitors, but what makes any of them the easiest solution for your user or hopefully in the future, customers that you will provide service to? Everyone is busy, so you want to be sure to accommodate your customers time schedules as best as possible with hopes of eventually converting them into customers. 

This is why email is still the most convenient way to conversate on the internet. It’s efficient,  easy and most of all fast. It just makes sense to leverage email your website, right? No need to mention that a contact form does not require your user or customer to register, they just have to fill out the form with their question, and you can respond to them when most convenient. Contact forms also let you direct your messages properly to the roles best suited to answer the visitors question. 

This is where WordPress makes your life easier than you can imagine. Simply adding a contact form plugin can be done in just a few seconds from beginning to end. Here at weForms, we know our WordPress contact form will suit your needs, but in all fairness, any contact form plugin will serve your needs when dealing with basic forms. When you are looking for more advanced functionality for your WordPress forms, look no farther than weForms.

Why Should I Choose weForms for my WordPress Website?

weForms is a simple solution to your communication needs. It is a fast and easy contact form builder for WordPress that allows you to create full featured contact forms, but you can also build tons of other kinds of forms such as subscription forms, quizzes, surveys and much, more. weForms also boasts tons of different integrations for Stripe, Paypal, Zapier, Salesforce, Aweber and many, many more – whatever you can think of needing for your WordPress contact form, weForms has thought of it too. 

Setting up a Basic Contact Form with weForms

Setting up your first form can sound complicated but it is not. Here is an overview of the steps to help you get up and running. The only requirement is you already have installed the weForms contact form plugin for WordPress, and we are off and running.

  • In your WordPress Dashboard, go to weForms β†’ All Forms on the left hand side
  • Click the Add Form Button to create a new contact form
  • Select the basic template to easily build your form
  • Click Save Form

Now, once you have created your form, it is time to insert it into one of your WordPress pages using a shortcode. This is a lot easier than it sounds! 

Adding your WordPress Contact Form to a Page 

Adding your contact form to a page or post in WordPress just requires a shortcode. A shortcode is just a way to let WordPress know to run code in the background, and in this case that code is to render a contact form on a page in your website. 

  • In your WordPress Dashboard, go to weForms β†’ All Forms
  • Under the Shortcode column next to the form you just created, copy the entire shortcode. It will be surrounded with square brackets and look similar to this
    The form couldn't be found.

Depending on what page editor you use in WordPress, the next few steps may be different.

Adding a Shortcode using Gutenberg, or the WordPress Editor

  • In your WordPress Dashboard, edit the page you wish to place your contact form on
  • On the top left, click the + to add a new block
  • Search for weForms, and click it
  • Select the contact form you created earlier
  • Click Publish and now you can preview your contact form live

Congratulations! You have now added a contact form using Gutenberg to your WordPress website.  

Adding a Shortcode using the Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid

The WordPress Page Builder by BoldGrid is our favorite page builder here at weForms, and the following steps will walk you through the process of adding a shortcode using it.

  • In your WordPress Dashboard, edit the page you wish to place the contact form on
  • In the area you wish to add the form, type something to have a placeholder
  • Highlight the text, then switch to text view
  • Locate the highlighted text, and replace it by pasting the shortcode
  • Click publish so you can preview your contact form live

Congratulations! You have now added a contact form using weForms to your WordPress website powered by BoldGrid. 

With weForms there are tons of other options available allowing you to change the notification email, view entries directly in your admin dashboard, take payments and much, much more. While there are many different contact forms available, we believe that weForms has a much smaller learning curve, and more advanced features than most. Not to mention with the drag and drop builder, you can have your contact forms running faster than ever before. 

Next time you are thinking about ways your customers can contact you, make sure you take an opportunity to try out weForms, the best WordPress contact form plugin on the market. Whether you choose the free or paid version, you will agree that it is one of the most feature rich form plugins around. Leave a comment to contribute to the discussion!