Crio – A WordPress Theme to get Your Business Online Today

In a world where there are a thousand different themes for a thousand different reasons, it is rare to run across a one size fits all solution. Then along comes BoldGrid with their new theme, Crio. This WordPress theme for business sites has over 250 controls for all your website needs in the Customizer for free, and if you upgrade to Pro you can have access to tons of additional controls, such as sticky header and much more. 

Pure Freedom in the WordPress Customizer

Most free themes that are available in the WordPress repository have limits. Options that someone else decided on forever keep you in the box they had in mind. Not with Crio, this is a WordPress theme that lets you customize every aspect of your header, footer, sidebar and more. You can set a ton of global options in the customizer, and override them on a per post or page basis when you edit them individually. This type of freedom is much different than the WordPress themes you are used to. With this one, you have absolute control over what your finished website will look like. 

Create a website with our newest WordPress Theme - BoldGrid crio

Built with Love and Compatibility in Mind

Crio is based on the Bootstrap Framework, but so much more is included. It has seamless integration with BoldGrid’s WordPress Page Builder, and weForms WordPress contact form plugin. Also included in this WordPress theme are tons of Google Fonts ready to use, and FontAwesome icons for Social Media menus. The idea behind Crio is simple: Take WordPress and make it easier and more customizable. So if you need to get online now, this is the theme you want to check out now!

A Free SEO Plugin for WordPress Tightly Integrated

Crio is also built for compatibility with Easy SEO, a different kind of SEO Plugin. It analyzes your content real time, and helps ensure the basics needed for SEO. These days, SEO is a lot less about the technical aspect, and more about quality content, readability and correct structure. Using a red, yellow and green light grading system, you can be sure your content is up to par by just following the few, simple suggestions made for you. 

Not Sold Yet? Try the Crio WordPress Theme for Free!

BoldGrid not only has plugins and themes, they also have one of the coolest services around – A Cloud WordPress system. No, it is not web hosting, but it is a staging environment, or a development environment. It is completely up to you, and you get one instance for free. Try Cloud WordPress for free now! The only requirement is that you sign up for the service via BoldGrid Central. It is absolutely worth it, however, since it allows you to have an instance of WordPress to use for a variety of reasons and does not cost anything. Want additional instances? No problem. Just upgrade to the Premium version, or purchase one of the bundles and 15 instances are included.