Increase Form Conversions and Protect your Information

Everyone has a form, right? What do you use the form for? Contact forms, job applications, order forms? Is your data secure?

It is common knowledge you need to secure payment data but billions of rows of PPI (Personal Protected Infomation) are unencrypted in WordPress sites.

How can you protect your users?

Mike Demo will talk about how to protect yourself and your clients and other tips to increase form conversions during a Free Webinar presented by GoWP.

You’ll also learn:

  • How forms save data in a database
  • Ways to secure form data
  • Clear text vs encryption
  • A quick overview of data laws (from a non-attorney)
  • And more!

And don’t worry there will be time at the end for a Q&A.

Save your spot today!

Live: October 20th at 12:30 PM ET

About Mike Demo:

Lead Hand Shaker,

Mike “Demo” Demopoulos is a lover of open source first, specific tools later. Mike is the Lead Hand Shaker at Believing there are too many Mikes in the world, he prefers to go by Demo. He speaks at Ignite! Conferences, Meetups, WordCamps, Joomla! events and more.

He’s spent years building a strong client base in the financial and insurance industries. Ask Demo what his favorite Tiki bar is on Twitter at @MPMike.

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