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Country List

weForms has a separate field for country name. Users can select their country using a drop-down menu. This cancels out the possibility of spelling errors. Once you have this data, you can sort forms according to geographic regions.
Suppose you organize international events. This means you have to deal with different time zones. Using this field type you can store their geographic location in your database. Later, after analyzing these different time zones, you can pick a standard time for all your email updates.

Preset country list for WordPress form dropdown on weForms

Country list options

  • Field Label: Pick a name for your field.
  • Meta Key: Pick a unique key. This will later be used to search the database and retrieve any certain value.
  • Help text: This lets you add additional instructions.
  • Required: Tick the yes option. This makes the field mandatory for everyone. Or else tick the no option. This makes the field optional.
Country list field options for WordPress form using weForms

Advanced Options

  • CSS Class Name: You enter your CSS class name here. This helps the form learn about the format of the website it is posted from and, modify accordingly.
  • CSS Class Name: Every WordPress generated web-page needs a style sheet language to project its data and other elements, in a certain format and layout. You can use separate formatting for separate parts of a single web-page. This can also be done to separate sections of your weForms generated form. With CSS Class Name you are able to do this.
  • Default Country: Pick a country as default. Otherwise, leave it blank and it will flash Select Country on the drop-down list.
  • Country List: There are three options to choose from under this section. Show All will give a list containing all the countries. Hide These lets you remove country names from the list. This option is very useful when the number of countries you want to remove is small. Only Show These lets you pick the countries you want in the list. This option is useful when the number of countries you want in your list is small.
  • Conditional Logic: This lets you decide what version of the form will be displayed to an individual. Conditional logic can be used to show or hide fields according to certain responses.
Advanced fields for country list dropdown on weForms
Frontend view of country list dropdown on WordPress form

After you are done, save the form and click on the Preview option at the top right corner of your screen. It will open a new window with your form’s preview.

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