How to Schedule a Form

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How to Schedule a Form

Publishing a form in a scheduled time using weForms is too easy. You can set a schedule to publish form in just a single click! Here how to do it.

Configuring Schedule of a Form

Please navigate to wp-admin→ weForms→ All Forms→ edit/create a form→ Settings→ Submission Restriction. Click the checkmark (✓)  on Schedule form for a period.

After clicking the checkmark, Schedule period and message fields will comes up. Now choice the start and end date-time to schedule the form.

Configuration of scheduling a form

Changing Form Pending and Expired Messages

You can also change the pending and expired message if you like to show any custom message to the user. Just edit the indicated field to write your own,  save the form and preview the page in frontend.

Changing the form pending and expired message

Form Pending Message Preview

Form Pending Message‘ will appear before the activation time of the form as you can see in the image below.

Pending message of a scheduled form

Form Expired Message Preview

‘Form Expired Message’ will appear after the scheduled expiration date-time of submission, just like this.

It’s that easy!

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