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The people who have contacted you once through your website forms are the possible customers for your business! It is easier to collect all those possible customers’ details and store in HubSpot subscription list with HubSpot for weForms integration. Here is how to integrate HubSpot with WordPress forms using weForms.

1. Enable HubSpot Integration

If you are a Business or Developer license holder of weForms, you can quickly start using this integration.

Navigate to:

wp-admin→ weForms→ Modules→ Enable the HubSpot Integration.

2. Set Up API Key

Now, navigate to

wp-admin→ weForms→ Settings→ HubSpot and provide your HubSpot API Key and Save the changes. Click here to get your API Key.

3. Form Integration

If you want to select which list your submitted data will be mapped to and how you can do that from the integration part of any form. Go to

wp-admin→weForms→All Forms→Select Your Desired Form

Now in the top right section, you will see an Integration tab

Click on it and scroll down to see HubSpot. Enable it.

This section will give you options to select:

  • List: The list on which your data will go exported.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is select-form-from-dropdown-1024x521.png
  • Mapping Field: How your data will be mapped.
weForms HubSpot Documentation
  • Option to enable double opt-in.

4. Front-End View

Now if you submit information to your form it will automatically be transferred to HubSpot list.

This is how you will be able to see the information that you mapped.

Walk-through of the module

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