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With weForms Text field you can allow a user to input only a single line of texts. To add this field, you can either click on the Text Field or drag and drop the Text field into the builder. The screenshot below demonstrates how you could enter the Text field into the builder.

Now that you have added the Text field inside the builder, you will see the following interface marked by the red arrow here on this screenshot:

Text Field Options

Text Field consists of the following:

  • Field Label: Use editable texts to specify the purpose of the text field.
  • Meta Key: Although meta key is automatically generated while editing the text label, you can still edit the meta key.
  • Help Text: Help the user with a bunch of texts to figure out the purpose of the text field.
  • Required: Use this to determine whether the field must be filled out or optional. If you enable the required option an asterisk mark(*) will appear just beside the Text Field‘s Label.

Advanced Options

Click on the advanced options right below the required options of the Text field.

Advanced Options include:

  • Placeholder text: Placeholder text will show inside the field but when the user will write something then the placeholder texts will disappear.
  • Default value: The written texts in default value will show as the default text inside the field. Unlike placeholder text, the default value will not disappear while the user inputs text.
  • Word Restriction: Restrict the number of words that a user can input inside the text field.
  • Size: Control the text fields size by increasing or decreasing the unit.
  • CSS Class Name: Add a CSS Class Name for this field.

Front-end preview of the Text Field

Below is a screenshot that demonstrates the frontend view or how the users will see the Text Field:

For any further queries, contact our support team.

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