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Starting from weForms Pro v1.2.5 you will now be able to view reports in a bar chart form for every WordPress contact form you create and for every field in that contact form.

The reports feature works best for Poll type of forms.

Both admins and users can view the reports.

WordPress form results on weForms

To view the stats, navigate to wp-admin→weForms→All Forms→Hover over the form of your choice→Click on Reports.

View reports of WordPress form results on weForms


  1. First create a poll form or a form having non-text fields with several options.
Copying shortcode for WordPress poll form on weForms

2. Publish the form as you would publish any other WordPress form.

Publishing WordPress poll form on weForms

3. Submit entries from the frontend.

weForms WordPress poll form

4. Now view the polls of this form by navigating to wp-admin→weForms→Hover over the form→Click on Reports.

weForms WordPress poll form backend results

View from Frontend

To allow your users to view the polls and reports from frontend after submissions, simply navigate to the settings of your form and under Form Settings, select the check-box Show Frontend Report.

If you don’t want users to view, simply keep the box unchecked.

Show frontend results of WordPress form poll on weForms

Now when a user fills out and submits the form from the frontend:

WordPress poll form on weForms frontend

The user will be able to view the poll report. He can view the number of people who selected a particular option.

Poll results for user who submitted WordPress poll entry on weForms

That’s all on weForms Reports!

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