How to Delete Entries from a Form

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How to Delete Entries from a Form

Need to delete an entry? Do it at ease with weForms. Follow the steps shown below:

Navigate to WP Dashboard → weForms→All Forms.

After Navigating to the location you will see all your forms in the ‘Name’ column and all your entries in the ‘Entries’ column.

Select the number of entries of any form. Here we are going to select Contact Form (*189). It contains 14 entries. Now, I am going to click on the number 14. After clicking the number 14, you will be able to see all the 14 entries.

Or, alternatively, you can do the same thing by hovering your mouse on the form name. To see the entries you can select View Entries from here too!

Now, select the entry that you want to delete either clicking on the ID or Details option. After that, the following screen will appear with the delete option.

After clicking on the Delete button, an alert box (asking whether you are sure to delete it or not) will pop up to warn you. If you are sure to delete the entry then delete that entry.

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