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Slack for weForms provides Slack integration for FREE. With this integration, you will be able to automatically post form responses to your slack channel.

In this doc, we will explain how the Slack integration works and how you can set it up for your contact forms.

Create A Slack App for Your Channel / Team

The first thing you will need is a Slack team and channel. You will have to create a Slack App so that you can integrate incoming webhook with weForms. Open your slack account and click on create a slack app.

Include App Name and select Slack Team. Hit the Create App button.

Add Incoming Webhooks

As you have created your own slack app, you will need to add the incoming webhooks feature. Click on Incoming Webhooks and the feature page will be available.

Activate incoming webhooks function. You will get the options to generate Slack Webhook URL for your team.

Under Webhook URLs for Your Team, you will find a button titled Add New Webhook to Team. Hit the button.

Now, select your channel where you want to post form submissions. And click on the Authorize button. It will allow the slack app to post on the channel that you have specified.

Slack Webhook URL

After the authorization, you will get the Webhook URL. Click on the Copy button for copying the URL.

Adding the Webhook URL to weForms

Now, navigate to – WP Admin Dashboard → weForms → All Forms

Open the form where you want to add the slack integration. Click on the Integrations tab.

You will find the slack option disabled. Enable it and simply paste the Slack Webhook URL you have copied.

Save your form. You have successfully integrated your form with Slack.

Testing Slack Integration

Now, publish the form you have created. You can read this doc to learn how to publish a form.

Enter values in the form fields and click on the submit button.

Visit your slack team channel and you will find the Slack integration working like a charm!

Walk-through of the module

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