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How to Use reCaptcha in a Form

Bots are much more intelligent nowadays. Spammers easily send a lot of spam email using bots if you use captcha free contact form. reCaptcha, a simple but yet unreadable for bots can save your inbox from spam mail.

reCaptcha comes with weForms. With it, you can easily keep your form submission safe from spammers. 

Adding reCaptcha to A Form

If you like to add reCaptcha on your contact form, please navigate: wp-admin → weForms → Settings → Insert your reCaptcha Site key and Secret Key, and Save them. [Simply generate your API Keys if you don’t have yet]

Inserting API keys on reCaptcha

Now, navigate to wp-admin → weForms → All Forms → edit/create a form → drag & drop the reCaptcha field from others section to your form area. 

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Adding reCaptcha field on page

Add the field level & save the form.

Field options of reCaptcha

Here is the preview!

reCaptcha preview in weForms
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