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Hidden Field

The weForms hidden field is a cool custom field option to have that facilitates you to add some hidden field to your form.

To add the Hidden Field option to your form, you can either create a new form or edit an existing one. Once you have a form open, you can use the following guide to add a hidden field.

How to use weForms hidden field

1. Click on or drag the Hidden Field option from the custom field area.

2. The field will be generated with the name Hidden Fields; This will have the attributes of ‘key’ & ‘value’ in it

3. The following screenshot shows the default Field Options of Hidden Field

Under Field Options, you will find the following:

Meta Key: This is the name of the meta key that this field will save to.

Meta Value:  It allows you to enter the meta value of the field.

Now that you know how to add hidden fields to your WordPress forms, next you may want to learn more about creating a form for payments or adding multiple products to a form.

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