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Notification & Email Settings

Notification is very important for contact forms. If you have a contact form set up on your website, may want your users to use that for communication. Thus, you must get notified when someone contacts you using the form. Besides that, you should response them. This is where notifications and emails come in handy.

In this documentation, we will discuss how to set up notifications for weForms and how you can configure emails.

weForms Form Notifications

In weForms, you can set up different types of notifications depending on your needs. To set up notifications, navigate to –

WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → Contact Forms 

Now, click on the form for which you want to set notifications. The form editor will open, click on the Notifications tab.

WordPress form notifications with weForms

Here, you will get notification options. Click on Add Notification button to add new notifications. You can click on the on-off button before the notification to turn notifications on and off.

Click on the Admin Notification that is created by default or click on the settings gear button to change configurations. You can also copy the settings using the copy button.

Activate WordPress form notifications on weForms

You will get more options including notification name, email sender, email receiver, email subject, email message and many more. All these fields will be filled with default settings. You can change them if needed.

WordPress form notification settings on weForms

There are shortcodes for different fields. They are very handy to automate the notification and email system. For example, you can use form fields – You Name, Email, Message etc. in the email message body or subject list. You can also set sender and receiver using Admin and Entry emails.

Custom WordPress form notification settings on weForms

Advanced Options

You can click on the Advanced menu to get more options including –

  • Senders Name
  • Email
  • CC/BCC

You can also use shortcodes in these fields.

Shortcodes for custom field notifications for WordPress forms on weForms

After setting up everything, you will need to click on the Done button otherwise the settings will not be saved. Finally, Save the form.

You can add as many notifications you want as there is no limit to it.

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