Resend Form Notifications From Previous Submissions

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Resend Form Notifications From Previous Submissions

In some cases, things can happen that hinder email delivery and put you in a situation where you may need to resend form notifications to people. With weForms PRO, administrators can resend form submission notifications when required to users, other site administrators, as well as team members. Super helpful, right? Read the following guide to learn how.


Add email notifications to your WordPress forms like you normally would, then click on Save Form.

Add email notifications to WordPress form on weForms

Publish the form, and submit an entry from the site.

Go to weForms→Entries. From there, you want to select the entry for which you want to resend notification.

When you open the entry details, you will see the Resend Notifications box on the right hand side of your screen.

Resend notification for WordPress form entry on weForms

From here select all the notifications you wish to send again using the check-boxes, then click on Resend.

You can also choose to override the previous email of the user with a new one so that the notification will be sent to the new email address provided.

Set override email for resending notifications for WordPress forms using weForms

Click on Resend and you will be asked to confirm. Once you do, the emails will be resent instantly and you’ll view this notification on you screen.

The selected receivers will now get the entry details of this form submission in their inbox.

Confirmation of successful notification on weForms

That’s how simple it is!

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