How to Change Label Position in a Form

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How to Change Label Position in a Form

You can easily change the position of the labels in a form. This is useful when certain forms require certain structure.

Change label position

First, you need to create a form. You can to do that easily by navigating to All forms→Add Form→Choose a blank canvas or a template

From here you can select a blank form or a default template.

After creating your form you need to go the Settings option.

After going to the settings menu section you will see a subsection of Display Settings.

There are 4 positions that you can set for your label.

Above Element: Set the label above your fields on the form.

Left of Element: This will set the labels on the left side of the form.

Right of Element: Set all the labels on the right side.

Hidden: This option hides all the labels and only shows the fields.

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