How to Add File Upload Option to Your Form

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How to Add File Upload Option to Your Form

Different types of file uploading option might come in handy multiple times. Whether for collecting job applications or projects from your students, this option is very useful. This gives your form the look of a complete package.

weForms gives you the option to upload different file types ranging from mp3 to Executable files. Very few other contact form plugin has this functionality. Below you will learn how to add a file upload field type in your contact form in weForms.

Adding a file upload option

At first, you need to create a new contact form. You can create a new form by going to:

All forms→Add Form

Select your form template

After creating your new form, drag and drop the File Upload field button to add it.

Advanced Options

To give a complete control over your form, weForms also provide you advanced options. You can access the Advanced Options from field options. It is located down below.

These tweaks can be seen in the Advanced Options section on the Field Options. There are

  • Max. file size: The admin of the form will be able to restrict the size of the uploaded file.
  • Max. files: Restrict the number of files that the user can upload.
  • CSS Class Name: A separate CSS class name field is there to apply your design to the field if you want.
  • Allowed files: A checklist for all the supported format of the file that can be uploaded. You can check/uncheck to your liking for what type of file format you need.
  • Conditional Logic: A conditional logic section, if you want to set certain if else condition to the field.

Frontend View

This will add a file upload button on the front end page of your form. After saving the form and publishing it, it should look something similar to this on your website.

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