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weForms Drop-down field lets a user to select an option from a set of given list items. Thus, you will be able to create a set of options for your user to select from therein. Go to the Add Fields option and activate the dropdown field either by clicking it or by dropping it into the builder.

Add a dropdown on WordPress form using weForms

Drop-down Field Options

You can spruce up your Dropdown Field with Field Options.

Field options on dropdown for WordPress form on weForms

Under Field Options, you will find the following:

  • Field Label: Like I said earlier, this option will allow you to customize the title of your Dropdown Field.
  • Meta key: The meta key is editable and it is generally auto-generated.
  • Options: Create a set of options from here for a user to select from herein.
  • Select Text: Editable texts that act much like a placeholder for the Dropdown Field.
  • Help Text: Help the user by adding some texts so that your user understands the options well.
  • Required: If you set up the Dropdown Field as required the user will see an asterisk(*) beside the field. Meaning that the user will not be allowed to submit the form without selecting a particular item from the given options.
  • Show values: If you check out the Show Value option, a blank box/boxes(marked by the red rectangle) will display.
Show values on dropdown options

Advanced Options

The Advanced option only contains the CSS Class Name. Add a CSS value for this field if you want to.

Advanced options for WordPress form dropdowns

Front-end preview of the Dropdown Field

This is how you will see the Dropdown Field from the frontend.

WordPress form with dropdowns made using weForms

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