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weForms FAQ

1. Do you provide trial?

No. We do not provide trial at customer end. We only provide trial on our Demo Server.

2. Is the price mentioned for one time only or recurring?

The price mentioned is for one-year subscription only. You’ll need renewing your subscription after a year to continue getting the regular updates and support.

3. Do you have lifetime subscription?

We don’t have any lifetime subscription right now.

4. Will the plugin stop working after my subscription expiring?

No, the plugin will work as usual. You won’t get the regular updates and support further.

5. Is weForms translation ready?

Yes, weForms is translation ready, you can translate it to any language.

6. What are the System Requirements?

The server requirement for WP User Frontend Pro is PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later.

7. After installing/updating weForms, my website crashed and can’t be recovered. What should I do?

If you are using weForms Pro plugin then make sure that you have updated that plugin too. If the latest version is not available in your account then contact our support.

In the meantime, you can use the previous version of weForms.

8. How to backup/export forms?

Navigate to wp-admin → weForms→ Tools → Export, forms can export individually or all at once. Also, you can export forms entries too.

9. How can I redirect the users to a specific page/URL after submitting a form?

Please navigate to wp-admin → weForms → All Forms → Edit a form → Settings → Form Setting, for Redirect to option select the page where you want to redirect the users after successful submission.

10. Can I upload and attach images to a form?

Yes, you can upload and attach images to form.

11. Will I get a notification if someone submit a form?

Yes, in the form settings page, we have options to get notified when a user creates submits a form. So you will receive an email notification each time.

12. Can the form be restricted to the logged in users only?

Yes, you can restrict a form by navigating to wp-admin→weFroms→All Forms→edit a form→settings→Submission restrictions.

13. How to add multi-step form?

You can check multi-step form guideline here.

14. Does weForms has the Payment option?

Yes, weForms has the Payment option with PayPal and Stripe payment gateway.

15. How to schedule a form?

Please navigate to wp-admin->weForms->all forms->edit a form->settings->submission restriction-> check the schedule form option.

16. How to set form based notification?

You can set notification by navigating to wp-admin->weForms->All Forms->Edit the certain form->notification. Here is the detailed documentation on this.

17. Does weForms trigger any JavaScript events that a WP theme developer can hook custom event handlers to?

weForms doesn’tt trigger any custom event on a successful form submission. Everything is done by this form submit event:

$(‘.wpuf-form-add’).on(‘submit’, this.formSubmit);

18. Where can I find the files entered with ‘file upload’ field?

The uploaded files/images are being stored in the default WordPress media folder. You’ll find them in wp-admin->media

19. Can weFroms create a pop-up form?

weForms is a highly-featured form builder. After creating a form, you can use the form short-code on a page or anywhere you like to. But, weFroms doesn’t offer the pop-up feature. You can manage it by any other 3rd party plugin or elsehow.

20. Where to add the PHP codes for passing Data Using hooks?

You can use your theme function.php file to add codes to it.

21. Can I limit or maximize the size of the file upload field?

Yes, you can limit or maximize the file upload size. The limit of a file upload field is 1024 MB by default. This means, users cannot upload files bigger than 1024 MB. To limit or maximize the file upload size, go to your Form Editor, click on the File Upload field in your form, edit the field and set the max file size on the advanced settings.

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