How to Limit Form Entries

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How to Limit Form Entries

You may sometimes need to receive application submissions from users for any kind of event or job openings. That’s a normal feature of weForms and you can create such type of forms using the drag & drop feature.

But what if you want to accept only a limited number of applications? Let’s say you only need 100 or 200 applications? Just follow the instructions below.

Limiting the number of form submission

Please navigate to wp-admin→ weForms→ All Forms→ edit/create a form→ Settings→ Submission Restriction.

  • Click a checkmark (✓) on Enable form entry limit beside Limit Entries. When you do this, two more fields will display on your dashboard: Number of Entries and Limit Reached Message.
  • Enter the total number of submissions you need under Number of Entries.
  • You can also change the message in the Limit Reached Message field if you would like to show any custom message to your user.
  • When you are done configuring, click on Save Changes.
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