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Payment Method

Payment method for weForms gives users the option to choose the payment gateway. To choose the field for Payment Method navigate to

WP-admin→weForms→All Forms→Add Forms→Blank Form or choose a Template 

You will find Payment Method field when you scroll down to the Payment Fields.

Field Options

To see the Payment Method field options select the shown icon. This field has the following options –

  • Field Label: Lets you add a customized label on the field.
  • Payment Methods: You can select either PayPal or Stripe as payment methods.
  • PayPal Label: The label you want for PayPal.
  • Stripe Label: The label you want for Stripe.
  • PayPal Picture: You can put the link of the picture you want to show for PayPal.
  • Stripe Card Pictures: You can select which credit card pictures you want to add.
  • Help Text: You can add a text to help your users
  • Required: Enabling this field will make the field required to submit.

Advanced Options

Clicking on the Advanced Options will show you extended features for that field.

  • Field Size: You can transform the field size to either Small, Medium or Large.
  • CSS Class Name: You can add your own CSS class to this field.
  • Allow field to be populated dynamically: Allow field to be populated dynamically by setting a Parameter Name.
  • Conditional Logic

Front-end View

For any further queries, contact our support team.

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