How to Change the Success Message of a Form

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How to Change the Success Message of a Form

To change the success message of a form, you must navigate to –

WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → All Forms → Open a form → Setting tab

You can either create a new forms or edit an existing one. If you want to know about how to add a new form. Click Here 

In the form settings section you will be able to see a number of options. Take a look at the 2nd option in the form settings with the name ‘Message to Show’ .

Message to show preview box

Message to Show

Just write a message that you want to display after a successful form submission. For example if you want to change the current display message ‘ Thanks for contacting us! we will get in touch with shortly.’ to ‘Registration Successful’ then just simply input that message in the text space of ‘Message to Show’ field. Here’s how its done. The change in the ‘Message to show’ text box can be seen below.

Message to show registration change box

After changing your success message in the message to show as explained above, press the ‘Save Form’ button in the right corner of setting tab page. This will save the changes you made to your ‘Message to show’ field.

Preview Message Changed

Here’s how the preview of your new success message looks like after a successful form submission.

Registration preview message

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