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General Settings


The option is located in: WP Admin Dashboard → weForms → Settings.

General settings for form management on weForms

1. To receive notifications of receiving entries, choose the default WordPress email server from the Send Email Via drop-down.

Email notification source for WordPress form entries on weForms

The other servers [SendGrid, Mailgun, SpartPost] are available in the PRO version of weForms.

2. To display Powered by weForms in your forms, select the checkbox Show Credit [Show powered by weForms credit in form footer].

The following is the Frontend View when you select this option:

WordPress form powered by weForms

3. You can select the users by role [Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors] who can access and create forms as well as form submissions using the drop-down Form Permission.

Manage WordPress form access permissions using weForms

When you are done configuring, click on Save Changes.

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