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General Settings


The General Settings page is meant to control some global settings that will over your WordPress contact forms. The option is located at: WP Admin Dashboard → weForms → Settings.

General settings for weForms

1. To receive notifications of receiving entries, choose the default WordPress email server from the Send Email Via drop-down.

Email options for weForms

The other servers [SendGrid, Mailgun, SpartPost] are available in the PRO version of weForms.

2. To display Powered by weForms in your forms, select the checkbox Show Credit [Show powered by weForms credit in form footer].

The following is the Frontend View when you select this option:

WordPress form powered by weForms

3. You can also enable no-conflict mode in the case you are running into issues with your site and attempting to troubleshoot. This disables certain parts of weForms code that will sometimes conflict with other plugins.

4. You can also choose to disable the credit text on emails from weForms. This is a pro setting only

5. You can select the users by role [Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors] who can access and create forms as well as form submissions using the drop-down Form Permission. This is a pro-level feature only.

Set form permissions on weForms

When you are done configuring, click on Save Changes.

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