How to Setup Confirmation Message OR Thank You Mail

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How to Setup Confirmation Message OR Thank You Mail

Using weForms, you can set Thank You message or confirmation mail easily. weForms also allows you to use ready templates, so that your last minute form building can be very quick and stress free.

Setting up confirmation message or Thank You mail

To set up confirmation message or a thank you mail, you have to follow these simple steps below:

  1. weForms plugin installed in your WordPress, you can create forms of your own or you can use templates. To set up a thank you message, you need to create a form. It can be any form. You can use a ready template or you can design your own. Here the form is designed in a blank form. Navigate to weForms > all forms >add form. Screenshot is here:
  2. Next you can either use a blank form and design it on your own or you can select any template from our ready templates. If you choose blank template, you will see this:

  3. For any specific type of template, you can choose the other templates.
  4. Whatever you choose, you will be given a shortcode upon your form. In the screenshot, it is in the red bordered rectangle:
  5. After creating your form, copy the shortcode, and paste it into a page. When your users visit this page in your site, they can see the form you have set in this page through shortcode.
  6. Next, you go to : weForms > add new > settings > form settings. There you can see three empty fields. Check out the screenshot:

  7. Here you can easily set up what page your form will lead to, what message it will show and what the form submit button text will say.

Frontend View

The frontend view of your page will be a lot like this screenshot :

Your users fill up the form and hit the submit button. This is how your message will show to your users after submission.

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