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Repeat Field

weForms Repeat Field is a very handy feature to have in your custom form builder. It lets you to add similar or repetitive field to your form when necessary.

To get to Repeat Field navigate to WP-admin→weForms→All Forms→Add Forms→Blank Form or choose from a Template, then just simply click or drag the Repeat Field button from the custom field section to create repeat field in your form. The steps of this field’s functionality can be seen below.

How to use weForms repeat field

1.Create repeat field in your form by dragging or clicking on the Repeat Field button from the Custom Fields section.

2. A Repeat Field is created by clicking on it.

3. A second Repeat Field is created in ther form after clicking on the Repeat Field again. A user can simply add or remove similar or repetitive field by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-’ from the form.

4. Default Field Options of Repeat Field

Under the Field Options, you will find the following:

  • Field Label: This Label field will show the text that you want to see on the form of the Repeat Field. You can put any text here that you think will help understand the use of this field.
  • Meta Key: A meta key is automatically generated according to the field label that you have provided. It basically lets you to customize the meta key from here.
  • Help Text: This field will allow you to put a help text for this field to make the form easy usable.
  • Required: This option lets you to make this field either mandatory for submitting the form or optional.

5. Advanced Options

6. Enabling Multiple Column will give you the option of adding more than 1 column to the field. You can simply add or remove columns in the field by pressing ‘+’ or ‘-’. The column name can also be customized according to your desire.

Under the Advanced Options, you will find the following:

  • CSS Class Name: It lets you to provide a container class name in the field.
  • Multiple Column: It enables you to add,remove or change name of the columns in the Repeat Field.
  • Columns In this field you can change the column title.
  • Size: In this field you can set the input size of Repeat Field.

For any further queries, contact our support team.

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