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How to Add and Use Section Break in Your Form

You can add several section breaks to your form fields to make the form look less complicated.

You can either create a new form or edit the existing form to add section break to it. If you want to know how to add a new form, check here.

Add Section Breaks To Your Form

To add section break to your form, you will need to navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → All Forms → Open a form →Form Editor.

Then drag and drop Section Break from the custom add field section to add section break to your form.

Edit Title & Description

You can edit the title and description of section break from Field Options.

Field Options

Title: This field lets you to change the title of your section break.

Description: This field allows you to edit the description of the title of your section break.

Advanced Options

Conditional Logic: You can set conditional logic with this option for your section break field.

After Adding Section Break

For demonstration purpose I have added three Section Break naming ‘Personal Details’, ‘Event Preference’ and ‘Optional’ to the current form by dragging/clicking on it.

Similarly after adding the other two section break in the same form.

After adding all the desired section break to your form you will need to press the ‘Save Form’ button placed at the top right corner of the page. This will save all the changes you have made to your form.

Form Preview After Section Break

This is how the form looks in the frontend after adding three section break to it.

For further queries, please contact our Support Team.

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