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weForms date/time field is necessary when you want any user to input their date of birth or date/time related to their form submission requirements. So the date/time field option in the custom field section of weForms will give you the choice to add Date/Time into your form field.

To get to the Date/Time field of custom fields section at first create a blank form like this, WP-admin→weForms→All Forms→Add Forms→Blank Form or choose from a Template, then just simply click on or drag the Date/Time button from the custom field section to create a Date/Time field in your customized form.

How to use weForms Date/Time field

1. Add a field of Date/Time to your form by clicking in or dragging the Date/Time option from the Custom Fields list.

Add date-time option to WordPress form using weForms

2. A Date/Time custom field has been created as per your needs.

WordPress form with date-time field

3. Field Options of Date/Time custom field

Field options for WordPress form date-time field

Under Field Options, you will find the following:

  • Field Label: This field shows the text that you would want to see on the form of the Date/Time field. You can put any text here that you think will help understand the use of this field.
  • Meta Key: A meta key is automatically generated according to the field label that you have provided. This meta key is customizable from here.
  • Help Text: This field allows you to input a help text in your Date/TIme field to make user friendly.
  • Required: This option lets you to make this field either mandatory for submitting the form or optional.

4. Advanced Options

Advanced field options for WordPress form date-time field

Under Advanced Options, you will find the following:

  • CSS Class Name: It lets you to provide a container class name in the field.
  • Date Format: You can set the format of date through this field.
  • Enable time input: This option will enable time input of your Date/Time field.
  • Set this as publish time input: Publishing input time can be set with this option.

For any further queries, contact our support team.

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