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PDF Form Submission

Nowadays PDF format has become hugely popular due to its easy accessibility. This format works on Windows, Macintosh and even on Unix. So it can be shared across different platforms. This cross-platform feature makes PDF a choice to use over the Internet. Here, we have PDF Form Submission for weForms, the fastest and easiest contact form plugin on WordPress, integration for Pro Personal package.

You can easily download a PDF copy of any submitted form. This doc will show you the complete procedure.

Enabling PDF Form Submission

If you have weForms Pro installed, you will get several integrations.

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard → weForms → Modules.

Now, click on the Enable button beside PDF Form Submission.

Requirements: No third party plugin is needed!

Setting up PDF Form Submission

First of all, navigate to: weForms -> Settings -> PDF Form Submission.

Here you will see four fields Header, Show empty, Show form name, PDF on Browser.
Let’s set up the fields one by one. 


This section defines what to show in the header of the PDF.

No header: If you want not to show anything in the header.

Site title: If you want to show site title in the header.

Logo: If you want to show the logo in the header.

Custom HTML: If you want to use your custom HTML in the header.

Show empty, Show form name, PDF on Browser

Select Show empty if you want to show the empty fields (that were not required fields in the form and have not been filled up).

Check Show form name if you want to display form name after the header section.

Select PDF on Browser if you want to open PDF files directly in the browser without downloading.

Download submitted forms

Now you can see the submitted forms by just navigating to “weFroms -> All Forms”

Here you will see the number of submitted forms.

If you get into any of your forms, you will see a Download button for each submitted form.

Clicking on it will open a new tab on the browser if you have turned on PDF on Browser option in the settings page.

Now you are ready to download or print this PDF file at your convenience!

Walk-through of the module

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