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Viewing Responses

To view form submissions/responses from the form on your WordPress website, go to weForms from your WordPress dashboard. Under Contact Forms you will be able to view all your forms, their entries, views, and conversion.

Next, navigate to:

WP Dashboard→weForms→All Forms

To view responses on a particular form, click on the number of Entries of the relevant form as shown below.

View WordPress form responses on weForms

The number of total responses for each form is shown under the Entries tab. Alternatively, you can click on View Entries when you hover on a form.

You can also see the number of Views this form received.

The Conversion category shows any click-throughs that occurred through your form.

To view the entire response, click on Details beside each response.

View WordPress form response details

After you click on Details, the detailed answers of the responder will show in a single screen in this way as shown below:

See details of WordPress form response

From weForms lite v1.2.8, admins can also see the device using which the user has made the submission his/her from:

Device used to submit WordPress form entry

Alternatively, you can also view the submissions of each form from WP Dashboard→weForms→Entries.

Select the form from the drop-down. Then click on Details beside each entry to view.

View all WordPress forms with entries on weForms

In addition to viewing the submissions inside of the WordPress Dashboard, don’t forget that weForms also can notify you through WordPress forms email, meaning you will receive an email alert when a submission is sent. To learn more, check out our documentation on notifications.

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