How to Control Redirection After Submission

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How to Control Redirection After Submission

It’s not just about letting your users complete the form effortlessly. You also need to ensure that you give them the right impression while they are leaving your form and website. It’s essential that your subscribers and customers are given a farewell with an appropriate information after submission. It could just be something as simple as being redirected to a new page with a Thank You or a message that the form has been successfully submitted. You can also redirect them to a relevant purchase or subscription page.

weForms makes this process easy and painless for you.

How To Use Redirection on weForms

Firstly, in order to control redirection of the submitted form, you will need to go to WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → All Forms → Open a form → Settings tab.

It is possible to control redirection of submission in a new form or in the existing ones.

From the settings tab, you will be able to see several options there. Have a look at the first option named ‘Redirect To’ in the Form Setting section of Settings tab.

Drop Down Menu

Click on the drop down menu of ‘Redirect To’ to choose your redirecting option of the submitted form. There are three option ‘Same Page’, ‘To a page’ and ‘ To a custom URL’ in the drop down menu of ‘Redirect To’.

Same Page

Selecting ‘Same Page’ will keep the user in the same page of his/her submitted form.

To a page

Selecting ‘To a page’ will redirect the user to a custom page from the drop down list of ‘Page’ after their form submission.

To a custom URL

Selecting ‘To a custom URL’ will redirect the user to custom URL saved on the Custom URL box.

After choosing your desired redirecting path of submission from the drop down menu of ‘Redirect To’ you will need to save the changes of this settings by pressing on the ‘Save Form’ button in the top right corner of the page.

For further queries, please contact our Support Team.

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