How to Change Validation Message

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How to Change Validation Message

Validation messages come in handy when your form users are submitting the wrong format of information mistakenly. Certain field types like email, numbers show validation message if given data is the wrong type. Excluding these, weForms gives you the option to show some extra type of validation messages.

Changing validation message

At first, you need to add a form by navigating to All forms→Add Form.

Select a template or create a form from blank canvas.

After creating your new form you need to go to the settings option of your form. You can find it in the top section of your form.

In the settings section menu, you will find a sub-section called Submission Restrictions.

Submission restrictions have three options to choose from:

  1. Schedule form: This option allows you to set the start & end date for your form. From here you can also show form pending message and form expired message. If your user schedules a form, two types of validation messages will be shown: Form Pending Message will be shown before starting date and Form Expired Message will be shown after ending date.
  2. Require login: This setting allows you to set a validation message if a user is required to log into his account when submitting.
  3. Limit Entries: Here you can set the number of entries after the form is published. Sometimes you might need only 100 entries for your form. You can set that from here along with a validation message when that number is filled.
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