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Shortcodes, a WordPress specific code that helps you save your time and do thing faster, can easily be added in weForms. weForms shortcode can be used in multiple ways like adding a youtube video to your form to adding a previous built form to your current form. A long list of shortcodes can be found on WordPress website.

To use the Shortcode field in your form you need to click it or drag & drop it to your form. Choose the position where you want to show your specific shortcode on the form by dragging it.

Shortcode Field Options

This field has a form where you can input your shortcode. You need to copy & paste the shortcode of your desired contact form here and it will show it in that section.

Frontend view

You can add a shortcode of anything, e.g. forms, pages, posts, etc. After you write your shortcode in the field options, save your form, and publish it, you will be able to see the result on the frontend.

This is how your form with a shortcode will appear on your website.

For any further queries, contact our support team.

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