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weForms WordPress Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets for WordPress contact forms with weForms add-on allows you to integrate/synchronize Google Sheets with weForms. If you integrate a sheet with a specific form, the data from your form fields will automatically save on the sheet after every successful submission.

You can use a connection like this to more easily share form submissions in one place. A common use case may be populating a spreadsheet for an event registration. With all form submissions in one place, you can easily share the data without having to add someone to your WordPress site.

Enabling Google Sheets Integration

Navigate to–  wp-admin → weForms → Modules → Enable Google Sheets integration.

Enable google sheets

Authenticating Google Sheets

Again navigate to- wp-admin → weForms → Settings →  click on Authenticate Google Sheets

Authenticate google sheets to integrate with weForms

Verify Google Account to Integrate with weForms

Allow weForms to access your Google Drive folders and files to link or integrate.

Give all the permission to integrate with weForms

You’ll get a access code after providing all of the necessary permissions. Please copy & paste the code to the ‘access code’ field and click on ‘Verify Code’ button.

Google drive access code to integrate with weForms

Integrating Google Sheet with weForms

Navigate to wp-admin → weForms → All Forms → edit/create a form → Integrations.

The numbers indicates:

  1. Enable/Disable the Google Sheets.
  2. Select Google Spreadsheet (File must already exist in your Google Drive).
  3. Select the specific sheet of the spreadsheet. (i.e. Sheet1 or Sheet2)).
  4. Click the ‘Setup Sheet Header’ button (This will create the header row according to your form field if you use it in a blank sheet).
  5. Save form.
Configuration of google sheet to integrate with weForms

Submit a Demo Form

Here you go! Just save the page, open in preview mode, and submit a demo form like below. You now have enabled your WordPress Google Sheets integration with weForms.

Form submission integrated with weForms
Sheet synchronisation with weForms

Walk-through of the module

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