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Salesforce is one of the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms in the world. It is a cloud computing application that is serving 150000+ companies worldwide. If you are a Salesforce user, good news for you! Now, you can easily integrate this CRM with Salesforce for weForms. This is a premium extension and its extremely easy to use. In this documentation, we will talk about –

  • Salesforce Integration of weForms
  • Activation
  • Configuration
  • Use and other related things

How to Activate Salesforce Integration

Please note that- you will require the Business package of weForms in order to use this module. To activate, navigate to –

WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → Modules

Now, look for Salesforce Integration and click on the toggle switch. This will activate the Salesforce module for your weForms installation.

Configuring Salesforce Integration

At first, you must have either Salesforce Enterprise or Developer account. Only these two supports API to connect with other apps.

Make sure API is enabled from Salesforce Setup Page. You will find it under –

Administration → Users → Profiles → Administrative Permissions and General User Permissions

Now, navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → Settings → Salesforce

Click on the Connect Now button to connect weForms with your Salesforce account.

You will get a new window where it will ask to allow access. Simply click on the Allow button and Salesforce will share your personal settings with weForms so that the integration can work flawlessly.

After establishing a connection successfully, you will get a message stating that your weForms is connected with Salesforce. You also be able to disconnect anytime you want using the Disconnect button.

Setting Up Salesforce for Individual Forms

In order to sync your Salesforce contact list with weForms, you will need to create your own form first. You can read this doc containing detailed instruction on how to create and publish a form.

Now, navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → Click on a form → Integrations

Enable Salesforce and click on the refresh icon.

Select the SObjects Types from the drop-down list.

In this step, you will need to map salesforce fields with weforms form fields. Please note that – Last name is a required field that you must map with weForms name fields.

You can click on the select field menu under Salesforce field and choose the fields you want to map with. After mapping properly, Save your form and publish it.

When a new user registers using your form, they will be added to your Salesforce list that you have selected while configuring.

Quick overview of the module

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