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Spam and abusive content are very common nowadays. If you are a victim, your gathered information will not be much worth. reCaptcha for weForms provides you with security and spam free content. It is a Google service that checks if a user is human or not.

The reCaptcha field can be found in the Others section in Add Fields. A simple click or drag & drop should do the trick.

reCaptcha API setup

To start using reCaptcha field type on your form, you first need to setup the API key from settings. You need to go to wp-admin(Dashboard)→weForms→Settings

There you will see a section for reCaptcha and two fields to enter your Site key and Secret key. You can get your Site key and Secret key from get your API keys link above the field. You can learn more about reCaptcha API keys from Google’s own docs.

Here is our detailed doc on how to set reCaptcha for weForms.

reCaptcha Field Options

Note: You need to match reCaptcha type key with the type of reCaptcha you will choose from the field options.

In the reCaptcha field you have two options:

  • Title: This is where you can Change the title of reCaptcha.
  • reCaptcha type: There are two options to choose from

1.Enable noCaptcha: Enabling this will show a checkbox to confirm that user is human. It will be checked by Google.

2.Enable Invisible reCaptcha: This will automatically confirm if the user is human without showing any checkbox at the end. It will show a small reCaptcha sign at the down right corner of the screen.

For any further queries, contact our support team.

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