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Single Product

Use the single product field on weForms WordPress contact form plugin to add a product to your form enabling customers to purchase only one product. It includes the following options:

  • Field Label: Customize the label of your single product field.
Setting the field label for the single product on weForms
  • Meta Key: Customizable meta key is for advanced capabilities like introducing the field with Database Management System.
Update the meta key on weForms single product field
  • Use Flexible Price: This option lets you set flexible pricing for your customers. It means that your customers will have options to add any purchase amount they want. You can even set a Minimum Price¬†and Maximum Price limit by enabling flexible pricing. This option is particularly useful for donation purchases.
Set minimum and maximum prices on weForms
  • Use Quantity: This option lets your user choose the number of products they want to buy. When you enable this option you will see two more options: Maximum Quantity and Minimum Quantity¬†limit under the Use Quantity option.
Set maximum and minimum quantities on weForms
  • Help Text: With this option, you can add text to the field so that your customers can more easily understand¬†what the field is.
Set help text on the single product field
  • Required: Enabling this option means your customer cannot submit the form without filling it out.

Advanced Options

  • Field Size: You can transform the field size to either Small, Medium or Large.
Set the field size for the single product field on weForms
  • CSS Class Name: You can add your own CSS class to this field.
Add CSS to the single product field on weForms
  • Allow field to be populated dynamically: When you enable it, you will find an option to enter a parameter name.
Allow for dynamic population on weForms single product
  • Parameter Name: Enter a Parameter Name so that the field value can be populated through filter hook or query string.
Set a parameter name on weForms single product field
  • Conditional Logic:¬†Conditional Logic is useful if youonly want to show a field based on a specific answer or series on answers on your form.
Conditional logic for the single product field on weForms
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