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Single Product

Use the single product for weForms to add only one product. If you do so, your customers will be able to purchase only one product with this field option. It includes the following options:

  • Field Label: Customize the label of your single product field.
  • Meta Key: Customizable meta key is for advanced capabilities like introducing the field with Database Management System.
  • Use Flexible Price: This option lets you set flexible pricing for your customers. It means that your customers will have options to add any purchasing amount they want. You can even set a Minimum Price and Maximum Price limit with enabling the flexible pricing. This option is particularly useful for donation purchase.
  • Use Quantity: This option lets your user choose the number of product they want to buy. When you enable this option you will find two more options. They are the Maximum Quantity and Minimum Quantity limit for the Use Quantity option.
  • Help Text: With this option, you can add texts to the field so that your customers can easily understand what the field is all about.
  • Required: Enabling this option means your customer cannot submit the form without filling it out.

Advanced Options

  • Field Size: You can transform the field size to either Small, Medium or Large.
  • CSS Class Name: You can add your own CSS class to this field.
  • Allow field to be populated dynamically: When you enable it, you will find an option to enter a parameter name.
  • Parameter Name: Enter a Parameter Name so that the field value can be populated through filter hook or query string.
  • Conditional Logic: Conditional Logic is useful if you allow your user to select an option with respect to another. This is a neat option if you want to personalize your forms for specific audiences.
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