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Zoho is a famous productivity tool that provides various applications besides its powerful CRM. You can seamlessly use Zoho with weForms to subscribe your form submissions to your Zoho contact lists.

Zoho Module – Activation & Configuration

Navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → Modules 

Now, look for Zoho and click on the toggle switch to turn it on.

Now, you have to connect your Zoho account with weForms. To do this, navigate to –

WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → Settings → Zoho

You have to log in to your Zoho account from this settings page. This will connect Zoho with weForms so that they can work together without any technical issues.

So, you have to put your Zoho login username or email and your password. Hit the Connect with Zoho button and wait a little while.

You will get a notification stating – Zoho CRM account successfully connected. There is also a disconnect button for later use.

Setting Up Zoho Integration inside a Form

To subscribe users using weForms, you will need to configure individual forms with Zoho.

You can either create a new form or use an existing form. Open your form and click on the Integrations tab. Now, enable Zoho integration for that form.

You will need to select where you are planning to add your data. There is a drop-down menu. Choose your Zoho list.

If you want to customize your Zoho fields, you can click on the link shown in the below screenshot.

You will need to map your Zoho fields with the fields inside your form. Map your Zoho fields with weForms fields.

You can also add more fields for mapping using the Add Field button.

Note: You have to remember that, without the first name, last name and email address, your entry will not be accepted in Zoho CRM.

Zoho module

After mapping all your required fields, hit the save button. Now, the people who will register with this form will be directly added to Zoho CRM.

Walk-through of the module

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