How to Migrate From Contact Form 7 to weForms

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How to Migrate From Contact Form 7 to weForms

Contact Form 7 is the first contact form that has helped a lot of users in WordPress. But, the fact is its very simple and does not provide adequate features. You may have used it at least once in your lifetime or still using it with your WP site.

Well, if you are already using it and want to switch to the easiest and fastest contact form plugin, weForms, then don’t worry. We have the simplest solution just for you.

Contact Form 7 Migrator

With the weForms free version, you will get a handy tool that transfers your contact form 7 forms to weForms. You can do this with a single click! In this doc, we will discuss how to transfer your contact form 7 forms to weForms.

Using the banner message

If you have Contact Form 7 installed to your WordPress site and you decide to install weForms, you will get a message after a successful installation of weForms.

Simply, click on the ‘Import Forms’ button. And weForms will automatically transfer the forms to its own interface so that you can improve them easily and also get the advantage of its advanced features that were not possible with contact form 7.

After importing the forms, you will get another message. You can edit the forms on the go and also replace all your contact form 7 shortcodes with a single click with weForms.

Don’t worry, your forms won’t be affected at all. Everything will be the same, but you will get a drag and drop live preview builder and manage your entries.

Please note that- at present, the migrator will work once unless you close the message. So, you are recommended to import the forms when you see the message. Also, use the replace CF7 shortcodes with weForms shortcodes with one click.

Difference between Contact Form 7 and weForms builder

Here’s how the contact form 7 builder looks like before importing –

Now, this is what you get when you import the forms from Contact Form 7 to weForms. All your contact form 7 forms’ names will start with [CF7] in weForms.

Let’s take a look at the preview of both forms

Now, here we have – weForms, the fastest contact form plugin.

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