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The new weForms Pro Quiz module allows admins to create quiz -like question patterns for certain types of fields, such as, drop-down, radio, checkbox and multi select. Admins can place point values, pre-define the correct answers, create feedback texts, show or hide answers from users, and a lot more with this module.

This feature is especially helpful when you are creating easy quiz type forms on your frontend site that users can complete with ease. Create, send, and grade quizzes with weForms Quiz!


1. weForms Free 1.2.9+

2. weForms Pro 1.2.6+


  1. Go to wp-admin>weForms>Modules. Turn on the toggle button for Quiz module.
  2. Go to wp-admin>weForms>Post Forms. Click on Add Form to start creating a new quiz form or open an existing one.
  3. Go to Settings>Quizzes of the form. Then activate the checkbox for Quiz.This will make your form a quiz form so that you can assign point values and do auto-grading of your fields.
  4. Next, select if you want to display your questions in different orders every time the page is reloaded.
  5. Next, you can select want you want your respondents to see in the form: Correct Answers, Point Values, Feedback. You can select one or more options.
  6. You can also select if you want to display the points earned to your respondents immediately after submission or you want to send the grade manually. In the latter case, you would need to obtain the email address of the user.
  7. The module calculates the total points of the quiz form automatically based on the point values assigned to each field.
  8. Go back to Form Editor. Select your fields: Dropdown, Checkbox, Radio, and Multi Select.
  9. Click on edit for a field. Name the label, select your options, and modify other fields as required.
  10. Then click on Quiz Options to set up your quiz.
  11. Here you will find 5 settings:
    a) select the correct answer(s).
    b) write a feedback for a correct answer after submission
    c) write a feedback for an incorrect answer after submission
    d) assign points to the field
    e) select checkbox if you want to show points with field.
  12. For all these 4 fields, the Quiz Options will be same. Except for Checkbox and Multi Select you will be able to choose more than one correct answer.
  13. After all changes, click on Save Form. Click and copy the shortcode.
  14. Publish the form.

View from frontend

  1. This is how your form will look from the frontend:
  2. As you can see, when you select to display grade immediately after each submission, your users will be able to view the total points they have earned after submission.If you have also selected all the options for what respondents can see, users will be able to view feedback, the correct answer in green and wrong answer in red highlights, and the points assigned for each field. When a wrong answer is given, the correct answers will also be shown.
  3. If you have chosen to submit the grades manually after submission [Later, after manual review], then the respondent won’t be shown his final grade.

You can go back to admin settings and play around with the options to see the different results.

Manage Entries

Admins can view submissions by going to wp-admin>weForms>Entries.

To view the entire entry click on Details beside the entry.

Here you will see the answers that were selected by the respondent and the marks he/she earned.

You will only see the Q&A that the respondent has answered. The module doesn’t calculate partial points in multiselect or checkbox type questions. So if all correct answers have not been selected for that question, no points will be earned.

On the right side, you can view the Total Points of the Quiz and the Respondent Points.

Other details you can view are

To go back click on Back to Entries.

You can Export Entries of the form as CSV from here. If you need to remove some entries, you can also select the check-boxes beside the appropriate entries and select Delete Entries from Bulk Actions drop-down.

Email Notifications

Admins can add email notifications for each quiz form. These emails can be sent to admin himself and also to respondents. Admins can send responders a copy of their form submission.

To do this go to wp-admin>weForms>All Forms. Open the Quiz form of your choice and go to Notifications.

From here, you can enable the default Admin Notification and configure it by clicking on the Settings Icon. You can also make a copy of it by clicking on the Duplicate button.

Or can use the Add Notification button to start a brand new one.

When you click on the Settings button beside each Notification, it will open up a new page.

Here you can configure the title of the notification, sender and receiver of the email. You can also configure the subject and email message. All of these using shortcodes that are built-in.

These shortcodes can be found beside each field. Admins can add any number of shortcodes that’s suitable.

See here to know more on weForms email notifications.

Download form entries as PDF

To download entries in PDF format, go to wp-admin>weForms>Modules. Turn on the PDF Form Submission module [which is available in Business & Developer Plan], then return to weforms>Entries.

Now you will see a new option beside the entries.

Click on Download under the PDF tab to start.

That’s all about configuring weForms Quiz module!

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