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How to Create Custom Forms from Scratch

It is very easy to create custom forms in weForms. Being able to create your own custom form gives anyone the freedom to generate form of their own choice with their own chosen fields & attributes. And weForms has made creating a custom form totally hassle free.

Add Forms

At first we have to navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard → weForms → All Forms → Add Form  to add a new form

Default Templates

After clicking on Add Form, you will see the pre-defined templates on your screen. You can choose from any of the default templates to customize the form. But if you want to totally custom make a form with your own chosen fields from scratch, then you may choose Blank Form from the default templates.

Blank Form selection

After selecting the Blank Form template, it will redirect you to the form editor. You will be able to customize your form selecting your desired fields from the list of a number of custom fields on the sidebar. Just simply drag or click on the listed custom fields that you want to add to your form and you will be all set to custom make your own form.


Here is a demonstration of a custom made form with the custom fields ‘Name’, ‘Email Address’, ‘Image Upload’ and ‘Date/Time’.

Save Form

After building your custom form adding your desired fields from the sidebar, click on Save Form to save your newly created custom made form.

Custom Form Preview

Here is a preview of how the above custom made form look like in the frontend.

This tutorial doc was written to help user of weForms learn about creating a custom form from the scratch. Hope this write ups has helped you to understand about creating a custom form from the top.

For any further assistance with weForms or queries contact our support team.

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