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SMS Notification

You already know about email notification feature for weForms. When a user submits, admin and user gets a notification directly to their mailbox. You can do the same thing with SMS Notification for weForms integration. The process is similar, but you will need to configure SMS gateway and settings. In this weForms SMS Notification Documentation, we will discuss –

  • Enabling SMS notification
  • How to configure SMS notification
  • SMS Gateways
  • How to send SMS notification

Activating SMS Notification

Navigate to –

WordPress Admin Dashboard β†’ weForms β†’ Module

Click on the toggle switch to activate SMS notification.

Configuring SMS Gateways

Now, you have to select an SMS gateway and configure settings. Navigate to –

WordPress Admin Dashboard β†’ weForms β†’ Settings β†’ SMS Notification

Select the gateway you want. weForms supports the following gateways –

  • Twilio
  • SMS Global

After selecting suitable gateway, you will find the configuration options.

For this documentation, we are using Twilio.

So, we have to set the following –

  1. Number From: The number you want to send SMSΒ from. (note if it is a Trial Account, use your trial phone number including country code)
  2. Account SID: Your Twilio account SID.
  3. Auth Token: Your Twilio account auth token.

After filling up the fields, hit the save button.

How to use SMS Notification

Create a new form or use an existing one. Now, navigate to –

WordPress Admin Dashboard β†’ weForms β†’ All Forms β†’ Choose Your Form β†’ Notifications.

Now, click on the Add Notification button or you can use the default email notification.

After creating your notification, you can change its name. Select the notification type from the drop-down menu. There are two options – Email Notification and SMS Notification. Choose SMS Notification.

Now, select the number you want to send the notification to. You can select your own number. This will send a notification to your mobile when someone submits an entry. You can also use form fields and map it to this field.

After configuring click on the Done button. Please note that- without clicking on the Done button, your settings will not be saved. Finally, save your form and publish it for receiving entries. When a user submits, you will get a notification and can also send another one to the user.

Quick Overview of the module

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