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How to Add Checkbox for Terms and Conditions on a Form

Letting your users just to know about the terms & condition or company policy is not enough. As this might bring complications later. So it is best practice to get some kind of consent from the user that they agree to the given conditions.

A solution for this is just to add a checkbox under the term & conditions paragraph. A user will not able to submit a form without checking the boxing, meaning consent to the given terms. This helps you by being on the safe side from any future harassment.

If you are already using weForms this is a very easy process.

Adding a terms & conditions checkbox on your form

At first you need to create a new form. You will need to go to All Forms section and click on the Add Form button.

Then you have to choose your desired template. For reference we have chosen Contact Form.

After choosing your template, you need to add the terms & condition field type. You can do it by both clicking or dragging & dropping the field to your form.

After that you need to go the Field Option section of the field.

There you need to enable Show Checkbox function.

After saving and publishing your form, your front end view should look something like this.

After this steps, your users would have to check the term & condition box to submit the form. This will make sure that the users agree to your conditions.

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