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Managing Responses

To manage all responses, navigate to WP Dashboard>weForms>Contact Forms.

Manage WordPress form entries with weForms

Click on the number of Entries under the Entries tab beside each form created.

Manage WordPress form entry on weForms

You will be taken to this page:

View WordPress form submission details on weForms

From here, you can view each fully entry by clicking on Details under the Actions tab.

You can also choose to Delete all or selected entries by clicking on Delete Entries.

To export all or selected entries, select the relevant submissions you want to download and click on Export Entries.

Export WordPress form entries with weForms

When you export entries, you will be able to download all the responses in an MS Excel File. The entries will be categorized with Entry ID and under the questions accordingly.

So you can easily view all the details of all the entries in this single data file, and upload it in other places.

Excel file of WordPress form entries from weForms

By downloading the submissions you can create more advanced Excel or Word reports on these entries. You can also share them with managers and other relevant personnel of your company.

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