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weForms FREE is now integrated with WP ERP, the pioneer Enterprise Resource Planning solution for WordPress for small businesses. This integration is free of cost.

Using this integration, import your weForms submissions into your CRM module. Add them as leads, opportunity, subscriber or customers and use the features of WP ERP CRM to build sustainable relations for your business.


  1. Download and install the WP ERP free core plugin first into your WordPress dashboard, if you haven’t already. You also need to ensure the plugin is activated.
  2. Navigate to wp-admin→weForms→All Forms→Select a form. Open the form of your choice or create a new form.
  3. Click on the Integrations tab.

3. Scroll down to WP ERP. Turn on the toggle button on the left.

4. Select the life stage where you want your imported contacts to go.

5. Then map the fields for the form with ERP’s required fields with the given shortcodes. The email address is a required field.

The fields in the integrations page dynamically change with the form’s fields.

6. Click on Save Form after you are done making changes.

7. Publish the form by pasting the shortcode on a new or existing page.

After Integration View

This is how your form will show to your users:

After form submission, the user will be successfully integrated with your CRM under the selected life stage. In this case, it was customer.

As you can see below, submission has imported the user’s first and last names, email address, and life stage according to the way the form fields were mapped with ERP.

In this way you can start adding more subscribers, leads, or customers, to your CRM using the weForms-WP ERP integration.

This completes the configuration process between weForms and WP ERP.

Overview of weForms-WP ERP integration

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